Saturday, July 28, 2012

Twelve Went Out

Relaxing at the beach, I noticed a cluster of people entering the water with paddle-boards.  There were twelve in all.  I counted them.  I had been told by a local that it was an exercise class, held three times a week, using paddle-boards.  Nodding to show that I was impressed, I watched the twelve stand erect on their individual boards and begin to take slow, long strokes with their paddle.  I could fully understand that it would be a great workout for your core as I watched abdominal muscles expand and contract while they maintained their balance.

Paddling their way through the bobbing boats anchored in about five feet of water. they made their way out to the open uncluttered waters.

Only one returned.

I wonder what happened to the rest.


  1. uh oh...the case of the missing paddlers...

    hey! where's that barn picture! :)

  2. OK, JP, when are you going to begin on that mystery novel I wondered about a year ago? You have such a talent for suspense.

  3. that would be one heck of a workout!

  4. Oh my- maybe she came back to get something. :)

  5. Where's David Hasselhoff when you need him?

  6. We saw a lot of paddleboarders at the beach this past week. It looks pretty fun.


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