Thursday, July 26, 2012

Looking for Barns…Finding Friends

Announcing to the Pres that I was taking a ride to take pictures of “that barn we passed the other day,” I was out the door in a flash.  Heading towards Scotland, I came upon it quicker than anticipated so I went on turn turned around.

It was a beautiful sunny day.  Pulling over off the narrow winding road as far as I could, the car came to a halt.  Eagerly I rolled down the window, took two shots but as I waited for the window to go up, I noticed a woman coming around from behind the barn.

Once again I lowered the window and this time I said, “I LOVE your barn and just had to take a few pictures if you don’t mind.”  Waving and smiling broadly she said, “ It used to be an old milking barn.”  Then I asked her if she'd done the artwork on the side panels.  “Oh heavens no.  It was like this when we moved in years ago.”  Meanwhile her husband had now entered the picture.

It was at that point that she introduced herself and her husband and I reciprocated.  “You can take all the pictures you like and you’re welcome to stop by anytime.”
I think I will.

Oh…one more thing wait until you see the barn!


  1. A nice story JP.. Friendly people at the barn.
    Do we get to see the photos. !
    happy thursday

  2. Ha ha, you make friends wherever you go!

  3. You are a dickens making us wait to see the barn.

  4. Ahhh, man, excruciating pain that we can't see it, now! LoL! Can't wait... sorry Barn Charm closed so soon, but here's to it opening Monday evening! LoL! =)

  5. Looking forward to seeing the Barn ~ great story ~thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

  6. I loved your story! I could see the pictures in my mind.

  7. Hi JP...thanks for stopping by the blog. I am sure we will pass each other on our photography trips here in the "Quiet Corner".

  8. can't wait to see the barn. I wrote a piece of flash fiction about a barn and could never find the right pic to go with.

  9. aaaaah...a cliffhanger...

    but since i'm so far behind on my blog reading...i might be lucky and don't have to might already have posted the BARN pic.... :) i'll go see now....

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