Saturday, June 30, 2012

Years of Support

Back in 1965, before the Pres married wife number one and while I was in my senior year of high school, the Pres was in the Navy.  In the spring of 1966, he left for his "Mediterranean Cruise," where they went ashore in Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Greece, Turkey, Sicily and Lebanon.

You may be wondering what this has to do with our present day existence so I'll show you...

This a hassock that we've had since we were together...the one the Pres got in now sitting in our great room.  Other than the leather being a little worn, it still stands strong, supporting his feet before and after a hard day's work.

One more thing.  It is ugly though!


  1. my hubby married his first wife when i was in 8th grade, he is 8 years older than i am. ugly or not, if hubby likes it let it stay. my brother was in Vietnam in 1967

  2. Yes, I was thinking I've seen prettier foot stools. But works.

  3. It is an odd piece, but kinda cool in its own way - I like the stars on the feet :)

  4. some of those things you just have to put up with. :)

  5. It's unique.

    big storm last night and no power since 9 pm. Gonna be 100+ degrees today and power is out all over the region so we can't even head to the mall to cool down. Ugh. Not sure what we'll do!

    P.S. we also freeze garlic!

  6. My grandparents had one very similar. I remember playing it when we went to visit. sandie

  7. It's the continuity that makes you feel secure. It's sort of like Enna Jettick shoes (remember them? they were so ugly, they were cute?). At least, people will always have something to talk about... come visit when you can.

  8. Growing up as an Air Force brat, I always saw these in the homes of my friends and thought they were cool. :)

  9. It's quite unique and obviously built well to have lasted so long


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