Friday, June 29, 2012

New Set of Wheels's the scoop.  Unless you have good upper body strength, lifting a kayak can be a little tough.  It's not because it's heavy.  I think, it's because of it's's awkward to handle.  So with the help of the internet and our local paper, I tracked down a "new set of wheels" to make life a little easier getting to and from the water.

Of course, when I got them home I had to practice.  So I did just that.  After putting on the wheels with the cotter pins, I loaded the kayak onto the carrier, centered it just the instructions said, strapped it in place and began pulling and pushing it up and down the driveway. 

However...ah, the infamous however...when I pulled the wheels up and onto the concrete garage floor, the assembly collapsed and the kayak was on the ground! 

 Hmmmm....I guess I'll have to practice just a bit more before I head out!


  1. I love my kayak. Now if only they could come up with a gadget that puts them on the roof of my Jeep or in the back of the old truck~ Love the color of yours! Where do you go Kayaking in CT?

  2. there is an excellent gadget for slogging kayaks into place...called a husband lol.

  3. Hmmmm...practice does make perfect. Those wheels are awesome! How much fun. And, for the record, every single time I open your blog and see the hamster on your homepage I smile. It's just precious and I don't think I've ever shared that with you. :)

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  4. Getting the kayaks on and off the car roof is the toughest part of our day. Last year my hub decided to forego the top of the car, put down the seats and put one kayak in the car. He pushed and pushed - and the kayak went straight into the windshield...Thinking of buying the contraption you did.

  5. I hope this thingy will work out for you. I can imagine the kayak would be a bit difficult to handle.

  6. I thought you made your own rocket for a min, are you looking for a war,lol. Richard

  7. How's that saying go? If at first you don't succeed, try try again :) At least you gave it a trial run before you headed out for real

  8. Yes, I would practice some more too -- it wouldn't do for the other kayakers (?) to laugh at you. It might hurt your feelings. :)


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