Friday, June 22, 2012


My daughter gave me two of the coolest shopping bags you could ever imagine!  Made of nylon, they fold into a small roll even though they measure 16" and 18" plus the handles.

held in place by two straps that simply snap together so I can then drop it in my purse (which is a whopping 5"x 7")..  They are so rugged and generous in size that I can get twice as many groceries in one as I can in a typical recycle bag!

The reason I love these is because they are in my purse when I go into a store.  Do you know how many times I've gone into a market or store and left the recycle bags sitting on the passenger seat in my car!

Kudos to my kid!!!


  1. Probably as many times as I have. I just bought some new shopping bags and have only used them for grocedies one time!

    Cindy Bee

  2. I've finally gotten used to taking the bags in to the grocery store. Now I have to remember to take a bag into other stores as well. Ah..always learning...

  3. I have bags just like these - though I love your bamboo print. I LOVE them and you're exactly right, they travel anywhere. Loving the eco-friendly focus!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  4. Great bags and I love that you can fit them in your purse.

  5. that is a great idea and how nice of your daughter to get them for you. I have some of the reusable bags but I never remember to take them with me

  6. Guilty as charged -- why do we forget them? Love this idea. :)

  7. cool...convenient...

    problem for me is i never take my purse into the i still wouldn't have the bag. BUT i DO remember to grab them out of the car...MOST of the time!

  8. You're in great company! Now if I can just remember to bring my list with me! :-)

  9. Hello! My name is Angela and I'm a bag-o-holic! lol I just love taking my own shopping bags into the store. Target gives you a nickel for every bag you bring in. I have lots of them. I even carry a cooler around in my truck! lol

  10. Super gift! Yes, I can imagine how many times you've forgotten to take your bags into the store. Unfortunately, I've been there and done that. :)


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