Friday, June 8, 2012

The Best $20.00 Ever

Yesterday venturing out on my own to my appointment and ensuring that the GPS was programmed, I was nervous...very nervous.  After all you would be too, if at the age of 64, you decided is was time to do what I was about to.

I know I told you about "The Call" I'd received confirming my appointment for Friday, the 8th.  In fact, many of you have asked me what's going on in your comments. think it all began with an email I received from LL Bean telling me about their Discovery Tours.

Yep, the one I'm attending first was sponsored by their store here in South Windsor.  I didn't hesitate one little bit...something I've always wanted to do.
Something adventurous!

Anyway, I'd called, made the reservation and today is the day!  The cost?  A mere $20.00!  

Of course, you'll have to come back to find out just what I did! 
 What else did you expect?


  1. You are a little devil.

  2. You know what I think? I think you are a born mystery writer. I have thought that for a long time now. So, when are you going to write one? Mystery.....

  3. Ahh.. so all is not revealed yet! I am glad that there is no health issue. Rather exciting to book yourself on a discovery course..
    will be waiting to see what its all about.
    happy weekend JP:

  4. So it was a fun appointment. Can't wait to hear about it.

  5. JP, my thoughts are that this has something to do with being outdoors, perhaps hiking, canoeing, kayaking but then that's because of the L.L. Bean connection.

  6. well...since i'm behind here...i don't have to wait to find out...haha! now i can just scroll up to your next pot & find out! i hope.


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