Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Puddle Jumping

Here I am riding around the countryside, getting lost as usual.  I'll tell you that looking for barns here in Eastern Connecticut is quite an undertaking.  Anyway I was in the middle of who-knows-where when I decided that I'd better do a "u~ey" as soon as possible.

Pulling into the first available driveway which only had a dew vehicles parked in front of the building, I spotted this young whipper-snapper bathing.

How cute is he/she?

Totally uninterrupted by my presence, it "splished" and splashed (like Bobby Darin...LOL!) long enough for me to get the window of the car down, turn on the camera and shoot.

Although I was out looking for barns and did get lost, Nature gave me this little gift saying...
puddle jumping is alive and well!


  1. Glad you had the time to enjoy the sheer pleaure of nature. It's good for the soul.

    You weren't lost. You were on an adventure.

  2. hah, and he probably thought; 'geez lady, let me take a bath in private!'

  3. well, that's one way to get used to the area. get lost enough times and you'll know where you are. :)

  4. My Mom used to call her little volkswagon a "puddle jumper". Strangely her ancient ancestors hailed from Connecticut. I wonder if it is a regional saying that stuck to the family.

  5. as a child i waded in every puddle i came to and this one makes me want to wade again. cute little guy, every bit as charming as a barn.

  6. Dear JP:
    You had me "splish splashin" all over.. I was dancing away here while listning to one of my all time favorite singers. I was and still am in love with bobby Darin.
    great post and lovely photo of the birds.
    thanks for sharing
    happy tuesday

  7. you know I still enjoy a little puddle jumping now and then myself :)

  8. wonderful post!! just getting around from the az challenge:)

  9. What a fun connection you made to Bobby Darin. And I thought there would be tons of pretty barn in Connecticut. I don't see many here either, which is why I am not participating in any barn hops. I would love to, but with gas the way it is.......


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