Monday, May 28, 2012

My Life~My Uncle~A Story

Although the Korean War actively ended in 1953, it lived on in the minds of many.  It lived on and unfortunately took it's toll on one of my Uncles, my mother's brother.  He returned yet was never the same when he returned.

Today they talk about PTSD openly but back then when I was just a child, the talk was only done in whispers.  I lived with him one summer along with my mother in West Hartford.  Then, at the end of the summer when I returned to my Aunt and Uncle's, they questioned me about his doings and actions which were "odd".  Everything and everyone was talking about the Communists back then...but it was something that he just couldn't let go of.  Shortly after that, he was placed in an institution and to my knowledge never was released.  He died alone but not forgotten.  He was one of the many that I give thanks for on this day, Memorial Day.


  1. Your poor uncle. At least PTSD is acknowledged and treated now.

  2. A lot of the men came back in one piece physically but so traumatized they could never live a normal life again.

  3. Oh bless him...what a gift he fought for! Thanks so much for sharing...

  4. I could never imagine the things they did and saw. It's no wonder so many of them had problems adjusting when they came home. Bless your uncle for his service to his country

  5. very sad and a good thing for this tribute to him, today he might have been able to get help and live a somewhat normal life. war is hell is a true saying and it really never ends for those caught up in it


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