Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Garden Club: A Story

Attending my first local Garden Club meeting a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet a great bunch of people!  Although everyone was very nice with their welcoming smiles and handshakes, one woman in particular stood out.  Initially I noticed her while I was chatting up a storm to a few of the others shortly after I arrived.  She stood off to my right and had a soft, gentle smile that went along with her demeanor.  

Telling me that she was also a transplant from Virginia and asking me where in Virginia I was from, our conversation grew.  We sat together during the meeting and answered my questions willingly.  What was so fascinating was that she's from the Louisa County (Va) which is where my dear sweet friend Norma was from!!  Can you imagine that these two individuals that I immediately felt a bond with have crossed my down in Virginia and now one here in Connecticut!!

Well that first Garden Club meeting, held in the History Museum, was enough to keep me coming back!  They seem to be a great bunch of gals that I'm sure can teach me a lot.  As for my new found friend...well...
that's another story!

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  1. How nice was that?

  2. Another story I can't wait to read!!

    Birds of a feather they say, don't they? :-)

  3. Isn't it funny how our paths cross? So glad you are making new friends and learning new things.. share those garden tips with us! I need deer proof info...

  4. What a wonderful meetin' that must of been. Bestow my and new friendships.

    Life just doesn't get any better!

    Have a bountifully blessed day sweetie!!! :o)

  5. maybe they'll have some tips for you on the 'yard that isn't'. :)

  6. i like that museum, and i see the civil war sign, must have some of that inside.

  7. Coincidences like that are the best kind, JP.

  8. I should join some kind of club like that. I think that would be fun.

  9. OK - so I'm reading your posts backwards (I mean in the wrong order - not starting at the end!) and I assume this was the one who 'gave you her number'. Weird!

  10. Looking forward to learning along with you JP! xoxo


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