Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Everything Matters


  1. in 1985 my hubby hired a man to trim our trees in the front yard. i was home and not paying attention to what hey were doing. in the front yard by the driveway was a stump, hubby left it there to sit a giant potted fern on. before he left for work he moved the fern to protect it. when the man came to the door for his check, he said, i got rid of that old stump for you, no extra charge. YES, everything does matter, or so i heard when hubby came home to the missing stump

  2. awww, I like the kitty sneaking up from the background :)

  3. How sweet!! And yes, it does all matter!

  4. well that makes for a cute home for those sweet bunnies.

  5. Very cute!

    Oh here's a scoop - the neighbors that are disliked...well, they started fencing off their place with electric fence. Paul and I figured maybe they were getting a goat. No. They got a HORSE. Okay, that's like buying a horse and putting it in a junkyard. There is no grass, no place to roam, just a mudpile and junk for it to get hurt on. Plus, do they realize you have to worm them regularly, do their shots and Coggins, and trim their feet every 6 weeks? I'm sooooo sad about this :-(

  6. Agree! It's the little things. :)


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