Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Call

The Pres answered the phone and handed it to me.  It was the receptionist.  She was calling to confirm my time slot.  After a few brief moments, I asked the gal if there was anything specific I needed to bring with me.

Her response?

Well, as a matter of fact, I have a list right here.  My mind reeled and my imagination went into motion as she said, You'll need to wear very comfortable clothing and bring any day-time medications you would normally need.  So succinct and aptly put.

"Now that sounds a little scary," I said, breaking out in nervous laughter.  "Do I need to worry about this?"  I asked.

No,'ll be in good'll be fine, she responded reassuringly.

Then next thing I knew she was laughing too...just not nervously!  Well, at least I knew they had a sense of humor!

Good gravy!  Do I really want to do this?, I thought.  My appointment was less than two weeks away and already I was feeling anxious even though it would only take a few hours.  I hoped that I would be less nervous come Friday the 8th...less than I was feeling now.

Yet, it was only a matter of time that my logic set in...good old logistics which has always been good to me.   Deciding it was the thing to do, I settled down on the couch and began watching TV with the Pres.
For now I was safe.

to be continued...


  1. Hmmm....I hope you are ok.

    Cindy Bee

  2. Comfortable clothes and day time far no more horrendous than a relaxing day at home. Why do I have this suspicion you aren't telling us everything?

  3. JP, are you planning to keep us in suspense about your upcoming procedure...or did I miss an earlier post on the reason? Regardless, wish you well and hope that it's just a routine checkup or procedure and that all goes well. You know that everyone who reads the blog sends you the best.

  4. Hello JP..
    Please tell me ! I do hope that you are ok.. and that this is just a routine check up.! It must be something big, as you said you were nervous with the call.!
    I hope that all is well.
    sending best regards

  5. A face lift? lol I don't know, but I hope all is okay. sandie

  6. Are you playing a game with us? Should we guess the procedure? If so, I'm guessing braces.

  7. whatever it is, must not be health related since it sounds like you can choose to not do whatever it is. waiting with bated breath.

  8. Are you getting a pedicure? Manicure? Massage? I so hope you're spending the day at the spa. This could be my wishful seeing beautiful lens. Regardless, I'm sending see beautiful thoughts your way!

  9. i hope whatever is going on with you will turn out well!

  10.'re it!!

  11. I guess we have to wait and see, great mystery writer you. I, myself have an appointment, a not so fun one, but one that must be taken care of, on the 7th!

  12. hmm, a real mystery that involves comfortable clothing and daytime medication. Got me wondering here :)


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