Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another Birthday

Off to another birthday party today.  This one is for the Pres' great nephew.  Nearly his entire family...I mean flock...will be there.  Ought to be fun!

One more thing.  This week's schedule includes:

Tuesday~ meeting Jennifer & Angel for "coffee and."  What exactly does that mean?!  It doesn't really matter, I'm lovin' this!

Wednesday~ gym in the AM

Thursday ~  attending my oldest grand daughter's talent show at her school!

Friday ~ gym in the AM

And, tentative plans for both Saturday and Sunday!

Holy moosepoops!  I may need to get a social director!


  1. have a wonderful day with your flock of family

  2. No wonder you moved back - what in the world did you do in the Hallow? Having family is wonderful. Happy Birthday to him. sandie

  3. Enjoy your day!! Are you 'feeding the flock' too? :-))

  4. happy birthday to the great nephew and have a great time

  5. They are keeping you busy there aren't they!

  6. Busy, busy! Sounds like you are enjoying yourself. :)


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