Monday, April 23, 2012



Friday morning I received an email from my friend, Mike, down in Virginia.  Their goat, Phoebe had her female and two males...all ear-less like their Dad!!!  This was her first pregnancy and she is just a darling pet.  

Remembering the first time I went to the house and how she approached me as I parked my car in the driveway, always brings a smile to my face.  Coming up to greet me, she began to bleat and walked at my side all the way to the back door, letting Mike know I was on my way.  She loves to push against
the backs of your legs so that you give her some what I call "lovin' rubbin'."

The love of a mother is always TRUE.


  1. I will most likely never own a farm property where I can have goats, but I just love them to pieces!

  2. wish i could hug/pet them, so beautiful. I love goats as much as cows and dogs and horse and donkeys and mules.

  3. Awwwww, what a tirade of little cuties this must be!!! Goats are sooo cute!

    Love that term 'lovin' rubin' sweetie!

    God bless ya and have yourself a magnificent week!!! :o)

  4. I agree with Sandra, I know some goats too and their personalities cannot be beat in the animal kingdom. How interesting that all three took after daddy.

  5. I have a great love for dogs and animals. I have 4 dogs and they are my most faithful companions.
    love your story and will hope to follow you.
    Goats are such clever little things.
    thank you
    Hope you will pay me a visit.

  6. oh my goodness, if they aren't themost precious things on God's green earth!Thanks so much for sharing that with me; I smiled :)

  7. Our small horses do the love rubbing thing, too....especially if you happen to have food within easy reach:-)

  8. aw, how sweet. Lovin' rubbin', that's cute

  9. What a sweet post! Hubs' grandmother raised goats until the day she the ripe old age of 103! She loved them!

  10. What I don't see here and probably never will - I get to enjoy on your blog. sandie

  11. I came home another direction tonight and saw all the goats at one farm--I'm going to have to start going that way, they were really, really cute!!

  12. Hi there JP
    It was so lovely to read your comments.
    Thank you so much for following me.
    some of your interests are the same. I love nature. I live in the middle of an olive grove away from it all.
    look forward to reading more about your life in CT
    have a good Tuesday

  13. cute!!

    we used to have a few goats when we lived down in Plant boys loved them like crazy...but the male...the billy, was he STINKY!!

    anyway...congrats to your friend on his new KIDS!!


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