Thursday, April 19, 2012


  Quiet means different things to different people, I'm sure. 
Quiet to me, means I can hear the sounds of birds chirping and the trees caressing the gentle winds.  Laying my head back against my old wooden rocker, I draw in a deep breath.  I hear peace and serenity.  Is that possible or is that my abstract mind causing me to drift?

Suddenly the silence is broken.
Quiet does not include the sound of the chain saw I hear in the distance.
The Pres loves any kind of tool that has a motor!
We continue to work here on the yard that isn't...LOL!


  1. quiet to me is when my husband turns the TV off. he has it so loud it hurts my ears because he will not go get a new hearing aid. and the sounds of chain saws and lawn mowers and weed wackers go all day in our nieghborhood. so when i leave here and go to the woods, that is quiet.

  2. well, glad your man is working at stuff. :)

  3. Remember the song the Sounds of Silence? sandie

  4. Remember the song the Sounds of Silence? sandie

  5. I like your kind of quiet.

  6. to me...quiet means no nature's sounds...

    aaaaaah, like you...i love that kind of silence...

    BUT when you hear the mower breaking that know there's work being done! :)


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