Tuesday, April 10, 2012


"I" is for imagine.

Thinking in the abstract allows our minds to "think outside the box."  My former boss used to use that expression all the time.  Like many of you I've found, since retirement, that many of my learned skills of the past have been put to good use.

Now, rather than counting thousands of dollars in an old stuffy smelly vault, I count blades of slender green grass emerging from Mother Earth.

Imagine that our spotty patches of grass will become a lush lawn one day!

Please, do yourself and me a favor.



  1. I am imagining just as hard as I can.

  2. What a beautiful moment to capture. Thank you for sharing!

  3. i am imagining me going outside and taking photos of green grass, but in our yard it will be imaginary grass. send rain. or should i imagine the rain for my imaginary grass.

  4. Hhhmmm...I'm imagining that all the "brown dog spots" become green grass :-)

  5. you are so cracking me up on the grass envy!!! :)

  6. Oh, if that's not seeing beautiful, I don't know what is! Imagine hopeful beauty in a plot of earth. I think that's seeing beautiful in the exact plot of earth itself. Such hope and promise in imagining. Love it!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  7. I'm trying to teach Pierce to appreciate the present moment. Tricky, with a 5 year old!

  8. I don't have to imagine green in our yard. But I do have to imagine the lush green grass. We have green weeds. LOL

  9. That's the first step in making dreams come true, just imagine the possibilities :)
    Nice post

  10. I'm afraid my grass is going to need more than just me imagining it to look lush and green green. Turf builder. Something.

  11. I think there is a Beatles song called that too! sandie

  12. i guess i have to imagine a lot here too...imagine an asphalt road instead of dirt...imagine that the dust clouds aren't coming into the house every time a truck goes down the road...
    imagine imagine...maybe if i imagine hard enough...i won't have to 'dust' so often.


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