Friday, April 6, 2012


Tuesday I was on the phone with my son.  Usually, when I'm on the telephone, I walk around the house the entire time.  I never just sit.  As I walked from the kitchen into the great room and looked out the triple front window that overlooks the woods and the small pond in the distance, I spotted two figures in the sky.  As they circled and floated on the updrafts getting closer and closer to the house, I yelled to my son..."Goob!  Oh my God!  There's a pair of American Bald Eagles flying over the house!  I'll call you later."  Hanging up the receiver, I raced down the stairs and out the patio door where I stood spellbound by their flight.  There were not juveniles.  They were mature and I, feet planted firmly on the ground, watched them until they disappeared over the acreage behind us.
There's something about American Bald Eagles that give me goosebumps and get me so excited.  Can you tell?  In fact, after I shared the news with the Pres that evening I had to...just had one of my friends down in Virginia, a native Virginian, a Master Naturalist and fellow birder. 

Anxiously awaiting for him to answer the phone, I wondered if he'd even recognize my voice after nearly six months.  He is such a wonderful person and so knowledgeable about any and all of Virginia's nature.  He taught me a lot.

According to the folks around here, they return each Spring to nest...right down the road from us at a nearby dam where the fish are plentiful!!

Remember Natures teaches us much.
So fly...FLY like an eagle!


  1. I'd give anything to see an eagle up close. I saw one fly over us once. At least, I think it was an eagle :)

    Very cool.

  2. They are becoming common around here, but they never cease to amaze! I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month.

  3. You'll probably see lots of them this summer cool is that?

  4. How spectacular. I can only imagine what that incredible sight looked like. How special to know they might have found a nesting ground so close to you. Perhaps you'll see more than a family of two flying above you soon. Thanks for the reminder to spread our wings and fly too! We're still at the egg portion at See Beautiful today, but think you'll get it. ;)

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  5. Just...awesome! Have only seen them three times in my life,and only once at home, even though I'm told they're sort of commonly seen here. What a great gift!

  6. I used to see eagles quite often when I lived in East Tennessee. Haven't seen any since being in Texas. Love to see them. There is nothing like it. Gotta go see some more people. Thanks for the reminder. Ruby

  7. how! how wonderful to actually see them flying and in front of you. I'd get excited as well...

  8. Visiting thru the A to Z Challenge--We live in central NE and are blessed that eagles live here year round. I see them fairly frequently flying or in the trees. Last year the river flooded and there were at least 6 eagles sitting in trees or on the ground in a pasture that was flooded, looking for fish. It's always a joy to see them!

  9. I would have been right there with you watching them. There are some around here but I've never spotted them myself.

  10. That is SO COOL! What a treat for you! :)


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