Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oh, Honey....

I said, as I climbed the stairs early one morning.  The Prez responded in a low,guttural tone..."Uh-huh."

"After you finish your orange juice, I need you to do something for me."  A little while later, I heard his heavy footsteps coming down the stairs, so I left my office and met him near the landing.  Describing what I needed, I then walked away, put the dogs out and began to vacuum.  That's one thing about Moon and Copper...neither of them is fond of the vacuum.  They both get nervous, especially when I need to clean around their beds, so I throw them out put them outside.

By the time I finished downstairs, the Prez motioned me to come hither.

"Wow!  That's just what I needed in this closet!  It's perfect...absolutely perfect, honey bunches of oats!"


  1. If I told my husband I needed a shelf he'd have to call a contractor. lol. You are one lucky gal.

  2. geez, when I tell bob something I need, he will do it, but not the same day, or week and sometimes month.

  3. Men are so handy sometimes. If I needed a shelf I'd tell my brother, he would tell my nephew, and two weeks later I would call my handyman. When will I learn.

  4. My husband IS a contractor and I'd still have to call a contractor. Nice work!

  5. wow, you asked and just like that he did it? I'm I've been asking my husband to do something for me for about 6 months now. He keeps saying he'll do it but so far nothing

  6. Awww, good for you....he is a keeper!


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