Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Luv Muffin

Socialization is stimulus for me.  It always has been.  I enjoy meeting new people just as much as seeing old (not necessarily in age) acquaintances.
It seems that no matter where I go,wonderfully sweet people come into my life.  And then I may not see them for years, but when I do, it's as if we never missed a day.

Today we went to a birthday party for our granddaughter who turned six.  Yes...that was, in itself, both exciting and fun.  It wasn't just a birthday bash for a six year old.  While at their house, some of my step daughter's  close friends dropped by.  It was so good to see and visit with them again...after being gone nine years.  Yet when they asked us about Virginia,  we had plenty of stories to share!

But you know what the BEST part was?
Kree turned six and
when it was time to bring out the cake and sing to her.
She chose to sit next to ME!


  1. Awww...Happy Birthday to your luv muffin!

  2. Isn't that a wonderful thing? .... adorable pic.

  3. ...so you got the best present in the house!

  4. Aren't you glad to be back home!

    Luv muffin is a sweetheart.

  5. Happy Birthday to Miss Six.

  6. a happy ever after luv muffin story for sure. i bet you about popped from pride in her. she is adorable. i like socialization to, friends, relatives or strangers

  7. My goodness you must have been on cloud nine. sandie

  8. You are "SPECIAL" that's why you have sooo many friends. I hope you are getting some of this beautiful weather we are having. What a great post!

  9. Wow it was her 6th birthday and you got a gift, how fabulous is that

  10. Love Muffin! That is too cute. She is a beautiful young girl, who is clearly smart in surrounding herself with loving, kind, thoughtful people...especially the person she planted herself by. :)

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  11. That cake looks great! Sounds like fun :-)

  12. Grandkids are life's sweetest blessing!


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