Monday, March 19, 2012

The Boys

March is a busy month for me as one of my grand daughter's has a birthday the beginning of the month.  Next comes my son, whose birthday falls on the fourteenth and last but not least is none other than the Pres himself, who was born today, the nineteenth.  A meeting of the minds has taken place and a celebration was slated for Saturday, the seventeenth.

Since it is easier for the Pres and I to drive to see the kids, we spent all day in "their neck of the woods."
Beginning with my son's house Saturday morning, which means I get to see my youngest grand daughter, Mia, we will then head to my MIL's to spend the afternoon and sing to the Pres.  The last stop will be my daughter's for pizza and yet another cake singing to both of the boys!


  1. Happy Birthday to all! Hope you had a wonderful visit.

  2. It sounds wonderful. Happy birthday to everyone!

  3. Birthday Greetings to all. Phew...that is going to be one calorie blowout.

  4. Happy Birthday, Prez -- have a great time everyone.

  5. Sounds like a high calorie
    Happy Birthday to your granddaughter, son and the Prez.

  6. Gosh - everyone had a birthday last weekend - happy birthday to all. sandie


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