Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter Weather Advisory

When the local news tonight said, " there's a winter weather advisory for Windham and New london Counties",  dropped what I was doing and waited with baited breath.

Then I went downstairs to get my stuff ready for tomorrow...
Maybe, just maybe....we'll get "hammered"!!

...:)  JP


  1. we're gonna drop from almost 60 here today to low 20s w/ wind chill in the teens by morning. brrr!

  2. Hope you get hammered I guess. sandie

  3. We're expecting cold/flash freeze and snow here too. I hope they're wrong.

  4. Winter weather advisory issued for northern Virginia. It won't amount to anything, but people will get excited and do dumb things anyway--You know how we Virginians are! :-)

  5. winter weather is hitting us this weekend. Snow is falling now. Hibernation here

  6. I can't help but wonder. Did you? Around the retreat there is perhaps a foot of old snow - that mostly ICE. Yikes!!! Today's temp started just below 10F, with a nasty windchill. Hurry up spring. ATB!


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