Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Give Me Kisses, Dani

She was always there. When I met them, she was already part of the household, establishing her role right from the beginning. She belonged to the man of the house, as it was he who found her through GSP Rescue. Some day her story will be told.

Whenever I visited, I got "kisses."

Yes, she was always there.

Her name was Dani and I will miss her.


  1. Got your message on my comments not till this morning ~ google search google + and you will be able to get lots of info ~ it's another learning curve ~ LOL ~ if I had your email I would try to explain more ~ namaste, Carol ~ sending you healing hugs ~

  2. i am sorry for your friend's loss...

  3. A furry friend is so very hard to loose. I am sorry for their loss.

  4. I feel for you and your friend! I know all too well what it's like. Just back in Dec. 29, we lost our 15 yr. old cat. He was the king of the house with 3 dogs and three cats! We buried him in the back next to Charlotte,my little 14 yr. old goat. It's the worst to have to be with them during the process. SUCKS, to put it lightly.
    Prayers to you and friend.

  5. So long Dani. We will see you later.


  6. so sorry about Dani...it's never easy to lose something, someone...you love...

  7. so sorry to hear of another pet going across that rainbow bridge. she was beautiful and the picture is a priceless memory

  8. Oh I am so sorry for your loss. I know that has to be hard. sandie

  9. Thanks, JP for mentioning Dani (Danielle). Of course, Felix still misses her, but he went for counseling and that helped him quite a bit.

  10. Run free over that rainbow bridge Dani! You will be missed by all who knew and loved you!

    Sorry for your loss JP.



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