Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Asking Family for Help

Have you ever noticed that sometimes it's difficult to ask people for help?  It can be difficult but it is something that you simply must do occasionally. 

We didn't have a problem asking our son, daughter and her boy friend to help us.  We accept the fact that we're older, that this was exhausting and that we couldn't do things quite as quickly as we used to be able to.
Saturday morning we got an early start leaving our friends.  We were now anxious to get started as my daughter, her boy friend and my son were meeting us at the house to help unload the trailer. It took them (including the Prez, of course) only a little over two hours to get everything off.  Boxes and furniture cam in faster than I could direct it!

After everything on that first load was in, we all took a detailed tour.  I was really curious to see what my kids would say about the house, good, bad or otherwise.  It was all good.  After they left, the Prez and I worked until about 8:00pm.  We were so busy, that we completely forgot to eat!

New Home for Mini
For the next few days, our routine was the same from morning til night.  After all, the Prez was leaving for VA on Thursday, Oct 27th for the second.  It was then he would be bringing the dogs.  He only had a few days to finsih building the fence.

I learned that my trash day here is Thursday, which means Wednesday night, we're busy...LOL!!!...pulling the huge bins down the gravel road to the roadside, placing them 18 inches apart.  Yep, there's a lesson here:  There is a gravel road regardless of where you live (because we've got one here too...just a lot shorter!!) AND trash bins must always be 18 inches apart...:) 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Closing???

Our Attorney, introduced to us by our Realtor, is a great guy and welcomed us with open arms once we arrived at his office. As he explained all the contractual details to us in the conference room, his secretary knocked gently and entered the room, informing us that the other Attorney was running late as he was tied up in Probate. So, once we finished with Sam, our Realtor invited us to a little get together at his office, an Open House at the agency.

Walking across the parking lot, I grabbed hold of the Prez’ little finger whispering that I was concerned about leaving the Attorney’s. “Not to worry“, he said reassuringly. “They’ll come and get us when they’re ready.”

As it turned out, this diversion was just what I needed to relax! There were nibblies of all kinds…warm, cold and beer and wine and most importantly, the nicest bunch of people you could imagine. Only about a half hour passed when Sam’s secretary came over to get us. So with a glass of white wine (my second, I might add) in one hand and crackers and cheese on a plate in the other, we crossed the parking lot toward our Attorney’s. The Prez had his beer and plate as well as we took our seats around the conference table.

Before we knew it, it was done. The house was ours! As we raised our glasses/cans, I felt the tension and anxiety replaced by comfort and joy. At last…at long last…we were almost home! Our builder and his attorney, a local Probate Judge, turned over the keys.

Although I wanted to go to the house and begin the arduous task of unloading, the Prez suggested that we return to our friend’s. And so we did. We picked him up and went grocery shopping, applying for our new Big Y Silver Rewards grocery cards and caught a great deal on fried fish, French fries and slaw. It hit the spot!  You see, grocery shopping is the Prez' forte...groceries that would go in our brand new refrigerator!

Monday, November 28, 2011

VA to CT

Eager to get to our new home in CT, the ride seemed to take much longer than usual.  While the Prez towed the trailer, I followed in the Mini.  Our vehicles were both stuffed to ceilings as we ventured out that morning.  I thought I would be sad, but wasn't.  My belief has always been that each day holds a new discovery, if we let it in.  I was ready for new adventures!
Although we left at 7:30, we didn’t arrive at our friends house until 8:45pm. Not only bushed but also feeling a little stressed because of driving at night, which neither one of us like I might add, we were anxious to get to their house. My friend had sent me a text saying “clean sheets were waiting“, which was music to our ears! It was the best thing she could have said, let alone greeting us with open arms!

I know I crashed earlier than the Prez who stayed up to gab with my friend's husband.  Looking back, I don’t even remember saying goodnight to either of them or the dogs for that matter. I was so damn tired I didn’t even sleep with the boxer, my usual bedtime companion.

Waking up early was normal and meeting my best friend in the kitchen as the aroma of fresh brewed coffee filled the air made me feel just as comfortable as always. It was finally here…the day of the closing. Concerned that something would go wrong at the walk through and worried that there would be something that the Prez would be dissatisfied with, I tried to remain focused.  I was exhausted, worn out...just down right weary.  In fact, my friend told me I looked awful.. Actually, the words she may have said were “you look like crap.” But, hey, that’s why she’s my best friend…she always tells the truth!

It was nearly time for us to meet our Realtor for the walk-through.  The CO (Certificate of Occupancy) had not yet been obtained as of the night before!  It seems that one of the required sign-offs was delayed because of what, I asked our Realtor and our builder...the sanitation inspector's vacation?????

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Connected Once Again

We have "lift-off" Houston!  I can honestly say that I AM A SURVIVOR!  Our ISP came through for us on Friday morning, just as promised!!  The Prez was as anxious for cable as I was for Internet.  However, we had invited one of our daughters and the kids over for "Thanksgiving" dinner (what the heck...I love the holiday so much that why NOT celebrate it all over again!!!)

As the Prez monitored the deep frying of the bird, I set the table and scurried around the kitchen while watching the clock and looking out the window awaiting my three grand daughters arrival. 

 It was an awesome day with the girls with a few major exceptions...

to be continued

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks

to Jeff (from Charter) who just called me to say that "the install will take place between 8 and 10 AM Friday!!!

That means that I no longer have to imagine Brian Willliams at 6:30!

Just one more trivial things to add to my extensive list of things to be thankful for...:)

...:)  JP

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Still no cable or internet, but I had to share this...even though I have a limited data plan on my cell.

Ann and Tom have come by several times as they are interested in building on the lot up and across the road from us.  She called earlier today asking if they could come by and take pictures to share with friends and family.  You know I said "absolutely."

They arrived and began their picture taking after we exchanged hugs.  My sister had told me I didn't have to allow them in because I was in the midst of baking pies and the kitchen was a mess.  No big deal...I told her...I don't mind.

Come to find out...Ann is a Minister and Tom?  Well, Tom is a Bishop.

There's a lesson here:  Always be nice to people.  Treat them like you would like to be treated.  You never know who they work for!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

...:)  JP

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Last of It

Yesterday afternoon, as I picked up branches around the perimeter of the yard and the dogs watched (yes...watched!!), we spotted in the distance,a red and black truck backing up the road.

The Prez was home!   Back from VA with the last load, mostly stuff from the garage, he will go back down the beginning of December to hunt.  Only a few things have to be removed and the rest will remain in the trailer until we build another garage!

Oh, one more thing...still no internet/TV...:(.  The company is still trying to reinstate it's existing customers from the recent power outage before it does installs.  

There's a lesson here...good things come to those who wait AND  you sure get a lot done without it.

...:)  JP

Monday, November 7, 2011

Welcome to CT!

Posting this from my cell since we are still awaiting internet.  As you can imagine, we've been busy unacking and me, well....I'm arranging, entertaining, and baking cookies!

Just a glimpse of more to come...

It will be time to go out with the kids soon...yes, the Prez brought them up last week and they seem to love their new home!!

P. S.  Bev, if you read this...your Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins were a big hit with me, our builder and the Prez!!

...:)  JP


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