Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Working Dog?

They told us Moon was a Shepherd, Husky mix with some Chow thrown in as well.  She is a working dog most of the time.

Each morning, while the coffee pot is making my joy juice, this is what I see outside the dining room slider

Waiting like a good working dog should do.

But then, at least once a day, her alter ego comes out and she transforms into her cazy side.  I've always referred to this as my "wild woman"

She too was elated that her Kong made it to Connecticut!


  1. I am finally catching up on your blog and seeing that you have settled wonderfully into your beautiful home. It was great catching up with your goings on.

    My own little piece of the world was crazy and unsettled for about 2 months so very little blogging for me or blog reading. But glad to see things have worked out for you.

    Happy Holidays!!

  2. Hey, every working gal has to have a fun break once in a while.

  3. Well that's a great morning routine!

  4. I'm glad the Kong made it! Now I have that Sesame Street "I'm a dog, I'm a working dog . . . " song stuck in my head!

  5. we ALL have that wild woman inside...some of us are better at letting her out...to PLAY!!!

    haha...GREAT shot!!!!

  6. Love that second photo. Nice to see an enthusiastic dog!

  7. A sigh of relief is heard by all. :)

  8. I love your crazy woman.. that shot of her waiting at the door is priceless. Jake waits by the coffee pot when i get the first cup, he gets a dog bone dipped in my coffee each morning at 4 am.


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