Thursday, December 1, 2011

Time Out for...You

On Tuesday, October 25th, my builder stopped by to work on his "punch list."  We have adopted him in the few short days we've known him as he is a young man that you would want for a son and after all, he's younger than our son!

Anyway when he stopped by and mentioned that it was his birthday, I just couldn't help myself.  Although I had no cake or cupcakes handy, what I did have was a small stash of goodies in the freezer.  So while he and the Prez worked on something in the utility room, I heated up a few oatmeal raisin bars and frantically looked for the candles I'd placed at the back of the baking drawer.

Calling them upstairs and watching his face as I lit the single blue (his favorite color) candle was so rewarding.  The three of us...the Prez, him and I...all bellowed out Happy Birthday with smiles on our faces and twinkles in our eyes.

Yes, it was good to be home!


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