Monday, December 26, 2011

The Return of the Happy Hunter

The Prez is leaving for Virginia this week.  A few days before Christmas, the logger called to tell us he would be moving his equipment to our place and be ready to begin soon.  Yep.  We are having seventeen of the twenty acres select cut.  However, the Prez had told our logger that we wanted to retain an insulation of trees around the open acres.  I have such mixed emotions about having it done.  I do know that it's good for the trees and I also know that it will be good for our pocket book as well.  In fact, on the 23rd, we got a call saying he got his first load and it was "prime" lumber (which means no dead/diseased centers I found out from the Prez).

So, the "Happy Hunter" is making the trip down to checkout the logging process and also catch the remainder of muzzle loader season for hunting.  He hasn't had a chance to hunt at all because of the move, so it's well deserved.  Besides while he's down there, he'll have a chance to sit and chew the fat with Buddy, who we both miss seeing and our other neighbors as well.

But meanwhile, I wanted to tell you that
No...not a swag...
one of the deer!!!



  1. Yes, they started the logging on your place this week. You can be glad you're not here to see it! :-)

  2. oh, lisa's comment made my heart hurt a little! eek!

  3. Oh my goodness - I can understand why the logging decision was a hard one to make.

  4. What happened to the deer!!!!!!!! : ((

  5. is that a fake deer? i hope it is. and i would cry if they were cutting my trees. i love trees all trees and can't even stand to watch the people on our street stripping the beautiful branches because they are afraid the tree might fall during a storm.

  6. So what is select cutting?
    And I see from Lisa that it is your old place - do you still own it I guess.

    And I am so sorry about the dear.

    Hope hubby has fun hunting.



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