Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Now I know it's Christmas but I wanted to share this with you and what better time to share than today!
You see, I found my present right here in my own back yard.

Nature's Fox

So, you tell me...
how cool is that?

It's a tree trunk that sits right above my stone wall.  So each day as I look out the kitchen windows, there it is...Nature's Fox!

I told you I was blessed!


  1. truly it is amazing, it looks exactly like a fox. wow... enjoy your day

  2. you're such a cutie! finding joy and beauty all around!

  3. Oh I love it. Blessed you are. Now look for eyes in trees, they are everywhere!

  4. You are blessed! Have a merry Christmas! sandie

  5. I love finding shapes in the trees.

  6. As Christmas night approaches, I hope your day in your new home has been a memorable one!!


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