Monday, December 12, 2011

Legend Has It...

that this little guy I spotted this morning when I went ouside to feed and play with Moon and Copper, can predict the winter.  Well, that's what I was otld as a kid. 

Since I couldn't remember how the legend went, or whether I should panic of there was more black or more rust bands, I searched an found this tidbit of information which just blew me away!  Click Wooly Catepillar

Then, I got another point of view from this site:  Wooly Weather Predicters?
So, my conclusion is this.  This winter will be a mild one.  Now whether or not that happens here is entirely another question!


  1. Wow..fascinating little devil isn't it? Gives a whole new meaning to "determination".

  2. The North Carolina Woolly Worms are looking about the same.....i think it's gonna be a mild winter here in the mountains....


  3. i think you're about as accurate as any doppler weather system i've seen. :)

  4. I'm going to predict a colder than regular winter - teehee. Hope your guy is right and I am wrong!


  5. Naturally, we've heard the same about the ability to predict weather and it looks like we'll get plowed under because almost every one we've seen has been just about entirely black. The deer turned gray early this fall as well. We always trust the critters more than the weather guessers.


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