Saturday, December 31, 2011

"It's Where You Live"

About a week before Christmas, my best friend came by the house.  Look what she brought with her!  I got all sorts of treasures...a bottle of Sarsaparilla...from "Hosmer Mountain which lies in the heart of New Englandin the pristine northeastern section of Connecticut, known as the Quiet Corner.  A rather minor geological formation, it forms a ridge of the valley known as Willimantic."  Then there was a bag of coffee beans which came from Quiet Corner Coffee Roasters.  I also received two (not just one!! but two) re-usable totes for shopping, groceries, "saving the world-1 bag at a time!"  Does that mean because I have two that I'll  save it twice as fast?

I also got real honest to goodness gaiters...and they work too!  I tried them one day when I walked with Moon and Copper.  Everything I got came from right HERE in Northeastern Connecticut!  After the holidays, I plan on stopping by TLGV main office but for now, I'm partial to that bright blue bag because it not only matches my car but also says "It's Where You Live," referring to The Last Green Valley.  Here's the link...go check it out!

After having coffee at the house, we then headed out shopping for several hours winding down with a grinder at Subway and a small trip to the grocery store.  We had fun as always and of course, there are a lot of adventures waitng to be had here in A Quiet Corner!


  1. You may not "save twice as fast" but it could be you will "shop twice as fast". What a nice gift package.

  2. let me know what the sarsaparilla taste like, have always wondered

  3. that is very cool! love the 'home' products!

  4. How neat! Wonderful gifts from a wonderful friend. I bet you do love those gaiters! Happy New Year in your new home!

  5. The Green Light celebration lasting a month sounds like my kind of place.


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