Friday, December 30, 2011

Giveaway Arrives

Right before Christmas, I received my package in the mail from Eco Natural Soap...

I had won a giveaway earlier in the month from Lisa at Two Bears Farm.  I was excited.  You see, I had never won a giveaway so I was really pumped.  In fact, for days I had been asking the Prez each time he walked down to get the mail "Did I get a package?" And his response was always the same, "No, not today, Honey."  Then in he walked and this time he volunteered the info which is rare for him, " Honey, your package is here!"

In it was my Seaweed Facial Soap, my Arthritis and Joint Relief Balm which really does help my hands a lot, and my Lemon Lip Balm.  So the next time you see me, I should look younger, having fewer wrinkles, moist lips and no pain whatsoever!!! 


  1. hurray for the new and improved JP! (and i still think that giveaway was rigged! lisa's just trying to get you back in the hollow!)

  2. You gotta love giveaways, especially those that make you feel and look younger.

  3. Hey - I wanted this give away!!! Glad you won it though. sandie

  4. You got some great loot! Haha, maybe TexWisGirl is right and Lisa IS trying to get you back in the hollow! ;-)

  5. You picked some great products. I got the arthritis balm for my dad and grandmother for Christmas - I think it really is effective :-)

  6. waiting on the New You photo in the new year. i am still having trouble with your blog, sometimes it is here and sometimes not. missed this one


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