Monday, November 28, 2011

VA to CT

Eager to get to our new home in CT, the ride seemed to take much longer than usual.  While the Prez towed the trailer, I followed in the Mini.  Our vehicles were both stuffed to ceilings as we ventured out that morning.  I thought I would be sad, but wasn't.  My belief has always been that each day holds a new discovery, if we let it in.  I was ready for new adventures!
Although we left at 7:30, we didn’t arrive at our friends house until 8:45pm. Not only bushed but also feeling a little stressed because of driving at night, which neither one of us like I might add, we were anxious to get to their house. My friend had sent me a text saying “clean sheets were waiting“, which was music to our ears! It was the best thing she could have said, let alone greeting us with open arms!

I know I crashed earlier than the Prez who stayed up to gab with my friend's husband.  Looking back, I don’t even remember saying goodnight to either of them or the dogs for that matter. I was so damn tired I didn’t even sleep with the boxer, my usual bedtime companion.

Waking up early was normal and meeting my best friend in the kitchen as the aroma of fresh brewed coffee filled the air made me feel just as comfortable as always. It was finally here…the day of the closing. Concerned that something would go wrong at the walk through and worried that there would be something that the Prez would be dissatisfied with, I tried to remain focused.  I was exhausted, worn out...just down right weary.  In fact, my friend told me I looked awful.. Actually, the words she may have said were “you look like crap.” But, hey, that’s why she’s my best friend…she always tells the truth!

It was nearly time for us to meet our Realtor for the walk-through.  The CO (Certificate of Occupancy) had not yet been obtained as of the night before!  It seems that one of the required sign-offs was delayed because of what, I asked our Realtor and our builder...the sanitation inspector's vacation?????


  1. And now you are all settled in and ready to go crazy with decorating the new house for Christmas. This time next year all this fuss will just be a distant memory.

  2. the joys of real estate transactions!

  3. Glad you made it OK and had good friends waiting to welcome you "home."

  4. I love moving to new places, even in the same town. my hubby plants himself and will not move. 75 years old and only 4 homes since he was 23 and got married. i moved 4 time in one year before i married him, we are now 22 years and this house and i am so green eyed at your move.

  5. It is always good not to get tooo attached to mere location. What goes on in our own heads is the important thing, and also the final thing we pass through at the ending of our time here on earth. Earthly things are there simply to pass through.

  6. This makes me think thank goodness for good friends!

  7. have fun decorating...enjoy the move!


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