Sunday, November 27, 2011

Connected Once Again

We have "lift-off" Houston!  I can honestly say that I AM A SURVIVOR!  Our ISP came through for us on Friday morning, just as promised!!  The Prez was as anxious for cable as I was for Internet.  However, we had invited one of our daughters and the kids over for "Thanksgiving" dinner (what the heck...I love the holiday so much that why NOT celebrate it all over again!!!)

As the Prez monitored the deep frying of the bird, I set the table and scurried around the kitchen while watching the clock and looking out the window awaiting my three grand daughters arrival. 

 It was an awesome day with the girls with a few major exceptions...

to be continued


  1. You're back...hip hip hooray....let the games begin.

  2. I am over the moon! So happy to have you back with us. Missed you terribly!

  3. So glad you are hooked up. Missed you.

  4. yes I am with you Internet I really want/need the TV I could go with out but my honeyman needs the TV like I need the Internet. glad yours is up and running.


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