Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Closing???

Our Attorney, introduced to us by our Realtor, is a great guy and welcomed us with open arms once we arrived at his office. As he explained all the contractual details to us in the conference room, his secretary knocked gently and entered the room, informing us that the other Attorney was running late as he was tied up in Probate. So, once we finished with Sam, our Realtor invited us to a little get together at his office, an Open House at the agency.

Walking across the parking lot, I grabbed hold of the Prez’ little finger whispering that I was concerned about leaving the Attorney’s. “Not to worry“, he said reassuringly. “They’ll come and get us when they’re ready.”

As it turned out, this diversion was just what I needed to relax! There were nibblies of all kinds…warm, cold and beer and wine and most importantly, the nicest bunch of people you could imagine. Only about a half hour passed when Sam’s secretary came over to get us. So with a glass of white wine (my second, I might add) in one hand and crackers and cheese on a plate in the other, we crossed the parking lot toward our Attorney’s. The Prez had his beer and plate as well as we took our seats around the conference table.

Before we knew it, it was done. The house was ours! As we raised our glasses/cans, I felt the tension and anxiety replaced by comfort and joy. At last…at long last…we were almost home! Our builder and his attorney, a local Probate Judge, turned over the keys.

Although I wanted to go to the house and begin the arduous task of unloading, the Prez suggested that we return to our friend’s. And so we did. We picked him up and went grocery shopping, applying for our new Big Y Silver Rewards grocery cards and caught a great deal on fried fish, French fries and slaw. It hit the spot!  You see, grocery shopping is the Prez' forte...groceries that would go in our brand new refrigerator!


  1. Big sigh of relief. Home for the holidays.

  2. i know the relief this part can bring. i can't wait until someone else has this same feeling about your place in the hollow!!!

  3. A party before signing the papers and getting the keys to your house.. That is great idea~! OR something great that happened.. you are ready to move in and get the refrigerator filled..
    So glad this is all behind you,,, now you can start living in your new home, just in time for Christmas...
    Have a blessed day~ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  4. Congratulations JP! I will have to say though I think you are having way too much fun there! hehehe

  5. I could have used a beer or two at our closing! :)


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