Friday, October 7, 2011

OK...So I Lied

I know I told you that I was taking a month off, but I just HAD to tell you what's been going on!  The Prez is up in Connecticut busting his butt putting up fencing for Moon and Copper, even though we don't yet own the house.  It was an arrangement he made with our builder.  He even let the Prez put all my bunny rabbits in the garage!!  How sweet was that?  He's definitely going on the my "cookie list!"

One of our son in laws came over to give the Prez a hand yesterday and today so he's really made progress.  They were able to complete 3 corners and about 300' of fencing in one day and are hoping to do the same today along with putting in the posts for all the wooden fencing that the Prez will build by hand.

Meanwhile, the garage door is on and looks great, according to the Prez.  The cabinets are in, the interior paiting and trimwork has been comepted, the granite was installed this past Tuesday and the sinks "set."  The Prez said the kitchen looks "awesome" although when I asked him to send me a picture or two, he said, "I can't the lens on my camera on my phone is so scratched up from being in my pocket, it just takes cloudy picutres."  BUMMER!!  But then he told me that I'd see it all soon enough.

He went shopping for appliances with our builder Tuesday and some were delivered and installed yesterday.  The remaining are slated for today I think.  The electrician has been working on installing lights, celiing fans, the transfer switch for the generator and the over the range microwave while the plumber is installing the dishwasher and all the faucets. 

Our closing is tenatively scheduled for the 21st which will be perfect...that's two weeks from today!!!

Meanwhile, I've made a lot of progress here with packing.  Today, I'm going to spray paint some wicker furniture...wish me luck.

  Gosh, I'll miss you all...:)


  1. I got your new button. Your house sounds like it is coming a long beautifully. sandie

  2. Congrats on the house progress! Dog fence is number one in importance.. we did the same!

    About the wicker spraying... good luck with that!

  3. too funny. we did the same thing - put in the dog fence (and even the front property fence and gate) before we owned the place too!

  4. Cannot wait to see how things have progressed!

  5. So exciting. Can't wait to see photos of moving day.

  6. Yep, Dog fence is our number one priority as well. Nice of the builder to let you put it up and store your bunnies.

    Pamela Jo

  7. Thanks for the updates, JP. So glad you decided to break your own vow to hold off on posting for awhile. Nice to read that work is moving along on your new home and bet you can't wait to be settled in after the closing.

  8. I knew you couldn't wait a month to blog! :) lol I don't know how it missed your post 4 days ago, I've been busy, but I checked it and seen you posted! Glad to hear that everything is coming along real smooth! Just think you will be moving into a sparkling clean new house in a few short days! Woo Hoo!

  9. I'm glad everything's moving along well! How exciting!

  10. Great progress~! Sounds like you are having quite an adventure with your new house.. 21st is right around the corner.. Just in time for the pumpkins and witches to be placed..
    Have a Tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


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