Friday, September 2, 2011


Have you ever felt unwanted and under appreciated?

The other day, as I sat in my living room looking around the room, I thought, the Pres and I will no longer need any of the fireplace tools since the new house does not have a fireplace.

So then the wheels kept turning and churning in my brain and I thought of my son.  He and his wife just closed on their house.  They had a fireplace!  They could use these things.  They could give the old tools and hot ash vacuum a good home, along with the Pres' fire retardant gloves (FD issue, no less!).

And so, there's a happy ending here.  The tools were only unwanted for a short period of time.  They have found another home!


  1. He will be so glad you thought of him.

    I believe I see your life simplifying! Burning wood while wonderful, is a messy complicated thing.

  2. So glad they found a home. Parting with treasured items is easier when you know who is is going to use them.

  3. Hey those are some great hand me overs. I am sure they will love them!

  4. Your family will most certainly appreciate them, and, when you visit them you will get to see your old fp tools again. Sounds like a win win.

  5. I bet they'll be thrilled to have something from that house..

  6. great idea, recyce is my motto.

  7. I'm glad that there will be a happy ending for those lovely tools. And, they will bring memories of your home in the hollow to your son, every time he uses them.

  8. I'm glad you were able to find someone in the family who would need them! Those are some very nice fireplace tools! Best ones I've ever seen and I grew up in a house with a real working fireplace.


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