Friday, September 16, 2011


In addition to packing, I've been doing some digging as well.  Although Dorothy and Normal only asked for a few plants which I brought in on Monday, when I rattled off what I had planted in the yard, my friend, Kathy, much to my surprise, made a list!

  I finished digging those yesterday and am delivered them to her at the Y so she will have a bigger smile than she usually does!


  1. I remember when we moved from the other farm, how much work it was to dig up all of the plants I wanted -- I'm so glad I did and I know you will be too!

  2. now that is really sweet!!! may all your hard work live on to give others joy!

  3. Now I had been folowing your blog for a while.Where did I miss the part your moving out of that soo adorable place,lol.

  4. when we moved, it was only and hour away, we made one run before we closed on the house we sold and the one we bought and brought all the plants and put them in the back yard, we sat pots of them everywhere, even hung one on the front porch and in the tree in the front yard. the house was empty. it was a pickup truck full.

  5. Nice to have friends give you planta a new home at their homes and you can always visit both on return trips.

  6. nice...passing on plants...a good gift that will always be a reminder of you...


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