Saturday, September 24, 2011

Damn Straight!

Today, when I mentioned another yet good~bye, so many of you commented about being happy when I get back up there, that I just had to tell you one more quick thing.  In fact, my friend, Bev, said something about being up there for Thanksgiving and having to cook..ha ha...:).

My response:  DAMN STRAIGHT!

In fact, the Prez said something about going down to his sister's B & B in Cape May (that's where his Mom and a few others gather) for the holiday,

My response?

Are you kidding?  I want to cook for the kids!


  1. Hi JP,

    Hope your move is going well. We lived in the Cape May area for 11 years before we moved back here to Connecticut in 2004. Small world isn`t!


  2. I love Thanksgiving, and don't have any plans--Can I be one of your kids?? ;-)))

  3. Visit Debbie's blog about her recent weekend visit to Cape May and then decide.

    (Debbie is a sensational, upbeat gal who you will love.)

    Find her here:

    Then, make your decision! :)

  4. I L O V E cooking with hubby for the holidays! Our kids would die without us! LOL!

  5. I would cook for the kids this year for sure! If you don't feel like cooking then go to someone else's house! lol

  6. Nothing like family and showing your love through wonderful cooking and togherness.

  7. I'm with Kim...can I have an invite for Thanksgiving too?? lol Your new house looks mah-veous!!

  8. Good for you! Thanksgiving at home with the kids is the best!

  9. Of course you do! I can just picture that meal.


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