Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chinese Fire Drill # 94

It was just this past Thursday, the day "the 30 day countdown" began.  It all started with a simple phone call right around noon.  Our first offer.  We both thought the same thing.  "Are you kidding?"   

Yes, that was our reaction to the offer we received on our house that sits on twenty acres.  "Tell them to come back when they're serious,"  said the Prez, after we countered.

Negotiations continued.  It was an all-day thing Thursday and then again Friday, which really began to get on our nerves. "If these people can't afford to buy our house, then they shouldn't have been looking in this price range," we told our Realtor.

You see, although we would like to sell our "Home in the Hollow", we've made the decision that, if it doesn't sell, we'll move on.  We are both anxiously awaiting life in Connecticut. The Hollow may have to become a "vacation home." 

So, here it is Tuesday and an appointment to show the house is on the agenda...boxes and all!


  1. It must be frustrating.

  2. First, dear girl, you are so fortunate to hold an odds and ends piece from a dear friend. So sad that he could not get past the loss of his sweet and so young daughter.
    Sometimes, it is so ver hard to understand God's plan.
    As for your move, good 'fun' with that. I'd wait for a serious buyer also. Your home in the hollow would make a perfect summer get-away and I'm certain your neighbors would gladly caretake for you.

  3. I really am not looking forward to the day we have to move and sell this house.

    Hope the economy turns around by then.

  4. Look at all those boxes - what progress!!

  5. I'm not looking forward to selling our house either and Good Luck!

    Cindy Bee

  6. I hope the best for you and also for your house :) Good things happen, just keep patience:)
    The House Personality Test
    What portion of the house are you?

  7. If I were you, I'd keep it as a vacation house - unless you can get the price you want. Don't settle for less, it's a gorgeous spot.

  8. i think you made the right decision, if they can't afford it, why look is correct and wow what a vacation home you would have. sooner or later a buyer will come along, it is a special property and needs just the right person to want it

  9. There's a difference between low-balling your first offer and just being a pain...
    Hope the next people get serious!

  10. i'm glad you don't HAVE to sell. that way, you can wait for the right offer. :)

  11. What happened to those people who did the pool study? I agree that if they can't afford a house in that price range they shouldn't be looking at homes in that price range!

  12. Oh, good luck, JP! I know how irritating selling a home is. Done it three times now.

  13. JP, can understand your frustration. We're going thru something similar after listing a boat on ebay (1st time for that) and getting a bid. Now the buyer seems to be dawdling and saying he's having a hard time gettimg someone to pick it up since he lives in the midwest. Also, the 48 hrs deposit requirement is now going into 48 hours +. We leave for 3 weeks in NH on Oct 3rd and the buyer said that deadline is giving him problems, so his problem is now ours as well.


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