Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another Goodwill Trip

Fifteen boxes and three huge garbage bags of shoes, clothing and handbags went off to Goodwill Monday.  Now for a second pass at the closet. I think I'll do that today.  I figured if I got that much stuff out of there the first time, the second pass would really clean house, so to speak.

This is my half of the walk~in closet.  That's only a small chunk of the empty hangers after donations.  The two shelves that run along the top are pretty close to empty as well, as I worked really hard.  Would  somebody out there in bloggerville tell me that it looks like I've been working hard, because I am flippin' pooped!!!

 Now here's the Prez' half.  Do you see any progress whatsoever?  Do you see bare shelves?  Do you see empty hangers anywhere.  The answer is a big fat NO!  Why, you ask?  Because his response when I told him "we're working on the closet today" was a simple statement.  "There's no rush."    However, I do know that he'll get to it.  He knows that I like to bust his you know whats and he also tells me that I'm good at it...:)  This is also from a man who, when we prepare for our annual trek to Aruba each Spring, packs the night before!  So heck, to move to Connecticut, he'd probably be able to pack the morning we're leaving, now that I think about it.


  1. That's a lot of progress! Great job and glad you are donating.

  2. Good work. It's amazing how much stuff we hang on to cause "we might lose weight" or "it might come back into style".

  3. You've inspired me to go through my own closets..gah!!!

  4. Ah yes. I live with someone who could pack 5 minutes before setting off to catch a plane. :)

    I must go through my closets. I have far too many clothes that, unless I take up starvation as a hobby, I'll never be able to wear again.

  5. At least he packs!

    There is a certain generation of women out there who pack for them....

  6. Ditto what everyone else said, your working hard! :O). I always find when I clean things out the first shot at it is pretty easy on decisions, its that second pass that takes a little more time :O). Decision making on what else to get rid of is a little tougher lol.

  7. You have made wonderful progress. That's very hard work and you have just kept at it. You're going to be quite tired by the time you actually get to Connecticut.

  8. I see progress! Great job. Don't you just hate that about men. My husband used to pack like this....he'd turn the suitcase on it's side and unzip just the side. Then he'd take his clothes for whatever trip, and start shoving them in that opening. They always fit, they were always a wrinkled mess, and he didn't care. Since we got married, he does not pack like that.

    Cindy Bee

  9. You are doing a great job JP! You are doing better than I am with my cleanup of my house! I'm just creating more mess for some reason. Sigh.... It is driving me nuts!

    Oh, my husband is just like yours when it comes to packing! Mine doesn't pack a thing until the morning we leave for vacation! How he does that is beyond me because I start packing a month before we go on vacation. As long as they get it done I guess it's alright to wait! lol

  10. Funny how we wait until moving time to clear out the clutter from the house! :) You are doing great!

  11. least he's actually gonna get to it...not sam...i'm always the one packing...and when it's time to get rid of the 'old'...i do that too.'s a lot of work...but exciting...going through all your & donating away...setting up your new house...



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