Monday, August 8, 2011

"What Are The Chances"

 Grabbing my camera, I just HAD to take a picture of this because I just couldn't believe my eyes!  It may not look like much to you, but I was absolutely amazed.  "What are the chances?"  I said, bending over to scratch away the dirt. 

Coming through the mudroom door holding out my hand with the tiny silver earring cradled in my palm, I said  "Remember, when I got back from Connecticut I told you that I'd lost an earring while working in the yard?  That it was my favorite pair?  I found it!"

Looking up at me with a surprised look , he said, "No way!  Where did you find it?"

"In the side garden bed, just now as I was cutting the Phlox and Bee Balm down."

I guess I really do have that Angel on my shoulder...still...:)


  1. Your property is giving you back your treasures before it is time for you to go. It knows.

  2. Angel is always sittin 'on your shoulder' ~ enjoy the day ^_^

  3. Happy you found your earring!

  4. Wonderful! I believe that is an omen, good times are ahead.

    Now if I could just find my clip on sunglasses. I can't tell you how many times I have lost and found them, but not this time.

  5. amazing things do happen. several years ago my husband came home from the dog park and i noticed his wedding ring was gone. it was a custom made ring and could not be replaced. we went to the dog park many times looking and looking. we posted signs at the park asking if anyone found it to call us. 3 years later, hubby was blowing leaves off with the LOUD blower, and he hit the dirt beside the drive way and saw just a sparkle. there lay the ring in our front yard for 3 years, it was just like new.

  6. I reckon the Universe decided it was time for you to have your earring back again. Lovely story. (And I LOVE the way your house looks!)

  7. There has to be an angel, maybe more you are a pretty interesting lady. :-)

  8. oh, i hope you saved the other one! if you're like me, you'd have thrown it out by now...

  9. Wow, I remember you talking about your lost earring! I have one I lost a year ago or so - small silver hoop - want to come over and find it?

  10. I can see you doing a happy dance! :)

    I'd say have a great day but it sounds like you already are! hehehe


  11. How cool you found it. Now if I could just find my miraculous medal that I lost in the goat corral! Wrestling a injured wild buck I might add... I always hope maybe it will some day turn up! Glad you found your ear ring :O)


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