Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tale or Tail

Over filling the measuring cup as usual and carefully holding the excess with my free hand, I watched Moon waiting patiently for her morning food.  Then, stepping out of the shed I noticed something in the distance.  There, nibbling in the tall grass was one of the many rabbits just chomping away as if the dogs and I were not even in the yard.  It was only about twenty feet away, as I watched it twitch it's ears with every little spoken word I mumbled to Moon.

Where was Copper, the wonder dog?  Since he is a sight dog, usually he'd be running after anything within the perimeter of the fence as soon as he spots it.  Gazing around the yard, I spotted him.  He'd apparently found something a little more interesting over at the creek...probably one of those slithering creatures that suns itself along the banks in the morning sun.

"Rabbit" I hollered.  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  No reaction whatsoever.  Then I thought, I'll know how I can get him to focus on his real job.  "Copper...SQUIRREL," I yelled.  His head popped up from the shallow creek-bed and he was up and over the bank in an instant.  Gone in sixty seconds...running across the yard using his tail as a rudder!  Of course, the bunny was long gone as it had hopped right through the fence posts.

Copper loves...loves to chase squirrels!


  1. Could I borrow him?

  2. Love your dog ~ love nature and love your Garden bug! ~ enjoy the weekend ^_^ Carol

  3. so copper is sight and moon is scent? Baby girl is scent, and Jake is sight. he can spot a moving lizard a hundred feet away, but his scent does not compare to Baby, she can track where a snail crawled, we like to watch her follow where we know something walked or crawled

  4. LOL! Our dogs are related. Everytime I yell 'squirrel', my Dale Boy comes running as hard as he can. Hates squirrels with a passion.


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