Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sweating & Selling

Working up a sweat today was easy since I filled the wheelbarrow with all the garden clippings.  So there I was...taking a breather on the bench, when a car came slowly...very slowly...down the mountain.
Noticing that they "seemed interested," I walked out the front gate.

Watching them come to a stop near the driveway, I waved and smiled as the driver did the same.
Rolling down her window, she told me she was about to pick up one of the listing sheets from the box.  So I did what any eager seller would mind thought, "screw the realtor, I'll sell the house myself!"  I know that's not nice, but the natural sales person in me "took over" like the Exorcist or something.

The next thing I knew I was introducing them to the Pres and giving them a personal tour!
The woman,accompanied by her mother, seemed really interested and told me her husband would plant the whole place with flowers and want to build greenhouses.  Smiling broadly after hugging them, I handed them the listing sheet as they headed out to their car.

Maybe they'll be back.


  1. Good move. Judging by past experience you would have had to do that anyway.

  2. I do hope they fell in love with the place so you can be out of there before snow fall. I would have done the same thing, we did that with our house 22 years ago, showed it like you did and they came back the next day with an offer

  3. anonymous stole my line! i was gonna say the exact same thing!

  4. We have always found we are our best salesperson when selling a property. I guess our incentive is a bit higher given its our property, though you would sure think that commission should go for something other than some photos and being listed on the MLS? lol...ok and the sign out front lol...

  5. hey!! nothing wrong with doing your own sales when the opportunity comes up!! good luck!

  6. I hope it helps things along. :)

  7. When the moment seems right...go with it!

  8. I would have done the same thing! If you sell it do you get to keep the commission! lol

    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  9. Good luck and keep us posted if YOU sold it!


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