Sunday, August 14, 2011

Making Some...

Not knowing how to spell it, and not being able to find it via Google, I wish I could say I'm at a loss for words.  But, I'm not.  Not on your life!

Phonetically it sounds like Gi am baut.  At least that's how the Pres' Mom pronounces it.  Her first name is closed!  Trust me, I've learned to never mess with an Italian...:)

 First, you picka da veggies.  You picka da greena beansa and da yellow squasha, da zucchini and da tomotos...lotsa tomotos.  You scrub ana washa zem alla gooda 'til nicea ana squeaky cleana.  Thena youa cuta dem up ina smalla pieces.  Geta da big onion and cuta it upa too.

Geta the biga pot and puta some olive oil ina da bottom.  Adda all da vegetables anda cover, cooking on medium high heata until alla area nicea and softa.  I also adda some crushed red pepper and a cana of Ro-Tel Diced Tomatoes with Green Chilis.

P.S.  Did I ever tell you about Uncle John?  When the Pres and I got married, the Pres' Uncle John came up to me and hugged me tightly calling me "Denise."  Looking him in the eye, I told him that my name was not Denise to which he replied, "Yeh, youa Denise."  Pointing to the Pres, he said, "He'sa da nephew and youa De Niecea."  I hug Uncle John tightly each time I see him...:)


  1. LOL love it love it. you have it down pat, denise.. rofl

  2. Well, dasauce looksa spectacoolar De Niecea.

  3. laughing over here! and salivating for Italian food!

  4. Very funny! You have that Italian accent down perfectly!

  5. LOL! You just gotta love those Italians.

    Cindy Bee

  6. That's a great post. Just found your blog and had a look around. Love your home as well, looks great. Must be really interesting to have a home so full of history

  7. Sounds like an Italian Gumbo, without the okra. hmmm... But, love your description and ability with a foreign language! hee hee. Love those summer combos. Thanks for sharing.


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