Monday, August 15, 2011

Look Closely

Wandering around the yard, I arrived at the bird bath I made.  (Did I ever tell you that one?...Remind me.)

There was an awful lot of movement in the water which I assumed was mosquito larvae.  Yet I knew that here in the Hollow, we don't get mosquitos.  It's because the water from the creeks is constantly moving and fresh, being replenished by the icy cold mountain springs.   Craw fish, a snake or two...yes...mosquitoes...NO.

Anyway, stooping down for a close-up, I saw that they were poly-wogs...oodles and oodles of them!  In fact, lifting the dead leaf that was floating on the surface caused about fifty of the little guys to set off their sirens like submarines before they dive.  Down they went, taking refuge in the sediment on the bottom.

Do you remember last year's posts?
It just so happens, I happen to have it handy for you
(as I have been told I'm a "people pleaser"
which I own and proudly, I might add!)


  1. You don't get mosquitos? We sure get them here. In order to prevent breeding I clean out the bird bath every night.

  2. That's funny because we get tons of mosquitoes over here! The difference of 1/2 a mile!

  3. i hope there'll be enough water in there for them to continue to develop! :)

  4. i popped over to view your toads, adorable and it looks like now you will have a lot more of them. we save the little ones from our pool quiet often. they get in and can't get out, the big ones can climb out, also chemicals are not good for toads and frogs.

  5. Looks like you'll have more toads soon. Better put a board over your window well now, or you'll have to go on another rescue operation. Hope that they all live to grow up. Maybe you should feed them. But, what do tadpoles eat?

  6. You know I like that birdbath! Concrete leaf. Good luck with the toads...I have one in a flower pot. It keeps burrowing under the plant and knocking it out.

  7. WOW! All that gorgeous scenery AND no mosquitos?! Sounds like heaven. The mosquitos here are so militant, they even come out during the daytime.

  8. That valley must be mosquitoes and lovely running water.
    I hope he tadpoles make it to maturity.

    I need to check our stock tank. We had them there one year.

  9. More toads a coming - I don't get why you don't have mosquitos in standing water?

  10. I hope that those tadpoles soon received a bit more water. Sometimes the mothers don't think too far into the future with their little frog brains.
    they see water and drop those eggs and move on.

  11. I've never heard the term polly-wogs before. That i a great name it made me smile. I take it you are talking about tadpoles.

  12. Wonder how the little things got there. A froggie perhaps..and they are almost out of water. It's good you discovered them.


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