Saturday, July 2, 2011

Who Goes There?

 Watering the three small potted Hydrangeas this past week, I noticed a hole in the soil.  To tell you the truth, my first thought was that those happy little chipmunks had burrowed down to get at the roots.  They keep doing that to all the potted plants I have on the front porch and are driving me crazy!!

Yet, to my surprise, as I was peering in, the earth moved!  I mean the darn soil actually began to pulsate after I watered!

Waiting and watching intently, the tenant emerged...

with a few droplets of water on his head!


  1. I have the little frogs also. I think they are sweet. As far as I know they don't do any real damage.

    Happy 4th to you are The Pres.

  2. cute little tenant. he's just trying to stay cool and moist i guess. i have them burrowing in the gardens and potted plants too...

  3. They are actually very good for the garden~ they eat lots of bugs ~ Zoe found a dead snake in the road when we took our morning walk ~ Nature is so interesting ~ She also loves to chase chipmunks and was fascinated by a toad in our garden ~ LOL ~ She is such a delight for me ~ hugs ^_^

  4. i wondered where these little guys live, now i know. we will have a frog/toad free yard and after it rains they appear every where. we have to rescue them from the pool all the time. they thing it is a pond and the chemicals are not frog friendly. this morning at 4 am i was out there trying to get a toad as big as my hand out of the pool without touching it. to save the toad and the dog, Jake insist on grabbing them and then he foams at the mouth like cujo

  5. Chipmunks! Oh My! What rascals they are! I have a squirrel shaking all those darn crab apples outta my tree and spilling them on the front sidewalks! Pests are everywhere! But your photos were priceless. Who knows what goes on today with blogger. I tried to come over and blogger gave me a url not found message! Then I tried again and here I am! Argh....
    Enjoy the weekend and stop by again soon. Hugs Anne

  6. I would have run screaming but the picture is really adorable.

  7. LOL I have had a few toads pop out of the dirt in popped plants on me this year. Each time it about gave me a heart attack. Because I of course thought Snake!! LOL Then I would just laugh.... :O)


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