Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Have You Ever Wondered...

Why so many people (and critters) stay in a "comfort zone" rather than taking a chance?
You do remember this guy right?  He looks so happy sitting under that Hydrangea?

Why children hang around...waiting and waiting...

Mommy to show up with an afternoon snack!

Ah, yes, Nature can all make us smile if we give her the chance!


  1. Nature offers everything ~ and I am smiling ~ thanks for the post JP ~ stay cool ~ ^_^

  2. so are you questioning your decision to leave your hollow comfort zone and uproot all over again?! i hope it'll all work it's way thru and you can move soon... :)

  3. i am the queen of comfort zone since i do not like change. i am very routine oriented and like everything to stay the same, makes it hard to live in this ever changing world and at least the little critters are still the same as when they landed in the garden of eden

  4. I suspect for a lot of people the reason we stay in our comfort zone is fear of the unknown. Fear is a big old meany who works against us! LOL

  5. I love to look at nature and your right - it just makes me smile.

  6. I smile all the time when I go outside JP! I love seeing all of God's critters that he made. They give me such joy. Today I seen many bunny rabbits, a turtle, dozens of birds, a few huge big bucks and a couple dozen does. Oh, and a few ground hogs, squirrels, chickens, cows and a horse or two.

    Have a Great Day!


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