Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chinese Fire Drill # 99 (cont.)

Now where did I leave off? 

Getting out of the truck and walking up to the people, I recognized them immediately.  It was the couple whose Realtor had abruptly abandoned them to go pick up her child!  Remember that story????  THEY WERE HERE FOR THEIR SECOND VISIT and they had their grandson with them.

While I welcomed them with a smile, she rolled her eyes and apologized because...are you ready for this one??? Their Realtor DID NOT BRING THE KEY THAT FITS THE LOCK BOX so they were waiting in the driveway until she went back to her office (about sixteen miles away) and returned!!  All I could do was  shake my head from side to side in disbelief, as she introduced me to her grandson who was probably about four.  

Taking his little hand, I had him meet Moon first.  That was it.  We were the best of friends as he never left my side the entire time they were here...measuring...measuring lots of things.  Rooms, spaces, nooks, name it, they measured it.  I took the little one through every room in the house, including closets because he wanted to see what was in there (LOL) and then headed outside in the yard so they could have some time to concentrate.

They stayed until 6:30pm.  Now we just wait.
Oh, one more thing.  After they got in their cars, their Realtor came back in and said, "Will you call my cell phone?  I can't find it."  And so I did and she did locate it.  It was in her car where she left it.
Scary that someone like that is responsible to SELL A HOUSE (but you didn't here that from me, right?)

to be continued...


  1. This sounds promising! The poor realtor just sounds very new and disorganized, not a good thing in her line of work.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  2. What a sweet little trusting..curious.. Lets hope his Gammie and Gampie buy buy buy.

  3. i'm wondering if she's the same realtor you mentioned before...the one who...uh, left the clients for YOU to show them around??
    anyway...i sure hope you sell soon, so you don't have to put up with all the BS!!

  4. Good grief! I can not believe that woman is a realtor! Anyway, it sounds like that couple is really interested. I have my fingers crossed for you.

  5. these fire drills are soooo entertaining. I know they're crazy pressure/hectic for you, but I gotta say you write the funniest stories. the realtor would not instill confidence in me, but if she sells the place then she's done her job. maybe the heat and humidity are going to her head, making her forget things. most likely your lovely home is going to sell itself and the realtor will end up being an innocent bystander! good luck, stay cool, and keep us posted!

  6. Paul is kind of like that realtor. He just found his phone after losing it for 2 weeks. Sometimes I find it so odd that he's an accountant...

  7. oh my goodness. i don't think i'd want that realtor showing my home - she'll leave it unlocked, leave a person inside one of your rooms, or something!

  8. and big fingers and toes crossed for you!!

  9. Wow! That realtor is a real idiot! I hope people buy the house but I hope that realtor isn't responsible for any part of the paper work that will need to be done! She'll hold you up for months! We settled in less than a week when we bought our farm. Went to the bank on Friday. Attorney did title search on Monday and could have closed on Tuesday but I wanted to give owner enough notice to get there because they were living a good 4 hours away so we closed on Wednesday! I hope yours goes as smooth as ours did!

    Have a Great Day!

  10. Hey you may need to get a new one!

  11. Sitting here thinking you have to be kidding me on that realtor.. holy cow


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