Friday, June 3, 2011

My Heart Throb

"Although I don't get the chance to spend much time with him, when I do he brightens my day and makes my heart beat just a little harder," said I.

Do you mean me?

What about us?  Don't we do anything for your ole ticker?

Nope, sorry you guys.  Her heart belongs to me!


  1. We used to have a small flock of those lovelies eat the seeds off of a grass that I think is called Hawaiian blue grass. They are the most beautiful shade of blue. I haven't seen them this year so far.

  2. We get the goldfinches but I have never seen the 'blue bird of happiness" that you are showing us here.

  3. Very sweet shots! Love the nuthatch :)

  4. i like both the blue and the yellow, do your pups know our heart belongs to a bird?

  5. oh, you lucky dog... such pretties in your hollow!

  6. What a gorgeous bird, JP. Is it a bunting?

  7. I can see why the bird stole your heart. It's so very pretty.


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