Wednesday, June 22, 2011


 Answering the phone and hearing the police officer introduce himself, the feeling of panic came over me quickly.  He was calling to tell me that my son had been in a car accident and asked that I come immediately.  Praying that Jason would be alright seemed to make the drive go quickly.  In reality though, it didn't.  It seemed to take forever...after all I was coming from Cheshire and driving to Naugatuck.  

As I rounded the bend and crested the hill, I could see all the Emergency personnel crowded around him.  The Ambulance parked nearby and at least three cruisers parked near the tractor trailer.  There was my red Nissan SER.  There was a mangled roof and front end.

Jason's friends came to meet me walking down the hill toward him, lying on the ground.  Helping him up, he appeared visibly shaken.  He said, "Mom, don't cry.  I'm alright.  Just a little shaken up, that's all."  To me, it was one more thing that I thanked God for.  The officers told me that the accident wasn't his fault and that his quick thinking saved his life.

My son was driving on the two lane road going about 50mph, which was over the speed limit.  He said he saw the driver of the Frito Lay tractor trailer approach the stop sign but did not stop.  He simply slowed down and went through crossing onto the oncoming traffic...a red Nissan Sentra SER.  My son told us that he thought he should aim for the tires on the truck rather than going underneath the body and being decapitated.

He always had good aim right from the time he shot his first Bb gun!


  1. So thankful your son is so quick thinking and unharmed!

  2. was this recently or a 'thankgoditsover' memory? eek!

  3. I'm so glad your son was ok JP! That was some very good quick thinking your son had! I hope I will remember that if I should ever come across the same situation when I'm driving!

    Have a Great Day!

  4. yikes! at least he was able to do some quick thinking...and had the reflexes to go with it!

  5. a sad story with a happy ending.

  6. Oh my goodness - I am so glad that he is okay - I know that is a scare for a mother! Whew.

  7. Never want to get one of those phone calls, JP. So glad that your son was not seriously injured.

  8. oh my, that was a close call. yes, you are blessed. and that was quick thinking on the part of your son. I'm not sure I would have had the forethought to do that, even with many years driving experience on him; he did very very well. whew. breathe.

  9. WOW! glad that your son was O.K. and used his noodle.. Makes one believe in God harder and ones faith increase.
    Have a Tiggeriffic Day ta ta for now from Iowa:)
    send up some warm weather could you? It's 63 degrees and raining.


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