Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Feeling Needed

Last week while doing some trimming in the front yard, I felt like something was watching me.  Then a few moments later, bounding down the mountainside came my friend.

Letting me know she was lonely, how much she missed me and that she needed some love and companionship, she immediately gave me lots of kisses with that huge pink tongue of hers!!  Talk about a facial!!! LOL...:)

Oh, Moon and Copper do NOT tolerate her.  They do not like her.  But, hey, you can't always please everyone!  And so, she stayed with me for a few hours until I finished up.

Come on over to Angela's for Tuesday's Show & Tail at WV Treasures!


  1. poor dog, she must need attention at home to come for hours. she is beautiful and so glad she had time with you.

  2. Ahe is just visiting you - nice you're there for her!

  3. A unique visit is just someone who isn't coming back to check your blog every hour or yourself messing with your blog - it's just more 'real' numbers of how many blog visitors you get. A lot of brands ask for that stat.

    She is a big dog!

  4. she's really gonna miss you when you move!

    (how'd the english blokes feel about your place?)

  5. Such a beautiful visitor! I'm glad she is a friendly dog. Does she visit everyday? Around here it's the boy dogs that make their rounds.

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  6. That dog is so sweet. You know for sure it has a home? I have the same problem with a cat that comes to eat. My three don't like it coming in the yard, but it's hungry and manages to sneek past them whenever they get distracted by something else.

  7. She reminds me of my Sioux! Gorgeous dog. :)

  8. I love German Shepherds! At least your dogs didn't attack her. That would have been scary.

    Our big dog loves everything and everyone, all dogs, cats, you name it; he loves them.

  9. this photo was at the bottom of your post about eagles and I had to click. I adore GSD. She's a love!


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