Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Woes

Prior to leaving on my road trip, my perennials were developing nicely.  They appeared as if it was going to be a glorious years.  Along the creek in the front, all the Columbine was so green and lush, stems with buds just waiting for the right moment to open.  The Japanese Painted Fern had doubled in size and my Autumn Joy Sedums along the south side of the house were already ten inches tall.  Of course, the early Spring bulbs had naturalized, making almost a solid mat of Snowbells.

However, today I noticed a different look to those plants.  Unfortunately, it was a look that I recognized.  They were crumpled, wrinkled and withered.  Leaves folding under, they look sickly.  Actually, who am I kidding?  They looked pathetic!

Then I noticed something else.  The weeds in the front yard were dead, dried up and withered and turning beige.  Interesting, perhaps the Pres would have the answer, I thought as I headed in the house. 

Although he originally told me that he'd sprayed for weeds along the fence in the back yard, when I asked if he'd sprayed anything lately, I got him to admit that he'd sprayed in the front as well.  Of course, that was after I asked him to get out of his chair and come outside so he could "help" me determine what HE THOUGHT WAS WRONG WITH MY PLANTS! 

Hoping that some of the plants will survive, I cut the sickly parts off today.  Hence, Wednesday woes.

The lesson here:  Do NOT spray weed killer on a windy day.  The Pres said it wasn't windy the day he sprayed.  I don't believe him.

Oh and one more thing....I'm very pissed is more like it!!


  1. I am so sorry about your plants--I hope they recover!! If it helps I know how you feel about losing them. My husband 'weed-wacked' my day lilies last week--He said it was an accident...grrrrr....

  2. ooooooh...sorry about your plants...but they'll most likely recover...since it was prob just a misting to the leaves...and not the roots!

    THEY can go a little wild with a weed whacker :]

    (( latest post didn't make it into google reader AGAIN! so go visit me when u get a chance...suwannee river post!))

  3. Sorry about your plants JP. What a bummer :-(

  4. oh my.... not good... I would be totaly pissed. yowsa is all i can think of to say.

  5. We always pray for a windless day when the farmer next to us sprays his fields with weed killer.

    They might just be "burnt" not dead. Give them a chance to perk up. So sorry!

  6. Ugh, JP, sorry about your plants. :(
    My husband accidentally weed-whacked some roses I just got rooted..roses from my great-grandparents farm.

    It must be "Pissed At Husband for Stupid Lawn and Garden Mistakes" day!! We'll create a new national holiday.

  7. Oh JP, I'm so sorry. I've had that same situation unfold here on our farm. It's just heart-breaking. I know the prez didn't do it on purpose, he thought he was helping out. But, I'll say it anyway....."men." The good news is, I bet he won't spray weed killer for a long time...the bad news is, he won't spray weed killer for a long time and that puts you on fence line duty. I hate fence line duty. I'm thinking I might give up a few flowers to avoid fence line spraying.
    the wanna be country girl - Caroline

  8. Well, Well, the Prez is at it again. And people wonder why I'm not married. For $8.00 an hour I can hire someone who knows when to spray weed killer.

  9. Now you know why my husband does not do yard work!!!

    I am getting pretty bad about not wanting to use any herbicides at all. Lots of negative things in the news about them these days.

    Where I did use them in the past, the weeds came back heavier than ever.

  10. Note to self: being that I am horticulturally challenged it would probably be a good idea to have THE BOSS provide direction the next time I take the Roundup out of the shed and set out to do battle with the weeds.

  11. I would be pissed too. If it was overspray they'll come out of it, just might not be this year. That's the problem with "weed" killer and "bug" killer. The chemical can't distinguish between the good "weeds" and "bugs" and the bad ones. It's why we have a weedy and buggy yard, but it's very naturey.

    Cindy Bee


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